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Shards are items used to craft and upgrade Armor. Players can fish up shards at all locations.

Location Shards

Players can find location shards at their respective locations. See the table below.

Shard Location Image
Pond Shard Farm Pond
Salmon Shard Kenai River
Cherry Shard Lake Biwa
Rig Shard Oil Rig
Mangrove Shard Everglades
Macquarie Shard Murray_River
Salty Shard Key West
Marsh Shard Toledo Bend
Superior Shard Great Lakes
Danubian Shard Danube River
Rainforest Shard Amazon River
Lemon Shard Mediterranean Sea
Lobster Shard Cape Cod
Blue Lobster Shard Cape Cod
Palm Shard Hawaii
Reef Shard Cairns
PVP Shard Oil Rig

NOTE: The PVP Shard an be caught at any location but this is substantially more likely at Oil Rig.

Rare Shards

Special shards that players can find are used to craft powerful armor sets. These shards can be acquired by catching their fish counterpart.

Shard Odds Fish Variant Image
Albino Shard 1/5000 Albino
Melanistic Shard 1/10000 Melanistic
Trophy Shard 1/15000 Trophy
Fabled Shard 1/300 Fabled

Fabled fish can only be caught once per day at a random location during a fabled fish event.

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