Auction House

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The Auction House is a server wide trading system allowing players to buy and sell items remotely. Specific command syntax can be seen in game using the command "/ah" or on the list of commands page.

The basic command structure to list a held item on the auction house is /ah sell <buyNowPrice> [startPrice] [incrementIncrease].

Immediately when an item is listed on the auction house, a 2% nonrefundable tax is deducted. This deduction is permanent and is not returned upon the cancelation or expiration of an auction.

Image Name Notes
Your Auctions Displays all of the items that the player currently has listed on the auction house and contains the option to end all of the players current auctions.
Collection Displays all of the players expired or cancelled listings.
Filter Allows the player to filter the main listings page by either item category, auction type, and sort order. The filter can be reset to default by hovering over the filter and dropping it.
Refresh Refreshes the entire listings page.
Next/Last Page Goes to next page or the previous page. Next page is on right side of refresh, last page is on the left side of refresh.
Transactions Displays either the players full auction history, or the server wide auction history.
How to Sell Explains the command to list items on the auction house. Syntax: /ah sell <buyNowPrice> [startPrice] [incrementIncrease]
What is this? Displays general information about the auction house.