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The Blacksmith is an NPC in the Farm Pond that will use Vulcan Stones to upgrade the quality percentage of armor. The amount that the quality percentage increases is randomized, but the maximum possible range decreases as the armor piece approaches the max quality of 100%.

The Blacksmith can also be utilized to upgrade the Pufferfish and JellyFish combat armor sets by placing the armor type into the its menu with the appropriate upgrade shard. Each piece of armor that can be upgraded uses 1 upgrade shard per armor piece. Blobfish pieces are upgraded with T2 upgrade shards and Jellyfish is upgraded with T3.

Blacksmith NPC
Location Coordinates Reference image
Farm Pond 83, 98, -68
Upgrade Shard Costs
Upgrade Shard Type Crafting Cost Per Shard Image
T2 Shards: 2 Superior Shards, 2 Salty Shards, 1 PVP

T3 Shards: 2 Danube Shards, 2 Lemon Shards, 1 T2 Upgrade Shard

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