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A Compendium is a collection of fish a player has caught in a Location. It can be accessed via the Fishing Menu.

Completing a location's compendium will unlock a reward.

Full Rewards for completing each compendium
Location Shard Money Tag
Farm Pond 10x Pond Shard $5,000 Pond Hopper
Kenai River 10x Salmon Shard $7,500 Salmon
Lake Biwa 10x Cherry Shard $10,000 Namazu
Oil Rig 5x PVP Shard $50,000 Roughneck
Everglades 10x Mangrove Shard $20,000 Swamp Puppy
Key West 10x Salty Shard $40,000 Salt Life
Toledo Bend Reservoir 10x Marsh Shard $55,000 Hawg Hunter
Great Lakes 10x Superior Shard $60,000 H-O-M-E-S
Danube River 10x Danubian Shard $65,000 Sturgy
Amazon River 10x Rainforest Shard $90,000 Amazonia
Mediterranean Sea 10x Lemon Shard $100,000 Azure
Cape Cod 10x Lobster Shard $150,000 JAWS
Hawaii 10x Palm Shard $250,000 Aloha
Cairns 10x Reef Shard $360,000 Coral
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