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Crews are groups of players who can earn bonuses and build together on Crew Islands. Any player can create a new crew for $15,000 or join an existing crew if invited. To access the crew menu use the command /crew or /c.

To see a more comprehensive list of crew commands see List of Commands.

Crew Upgrades

Crews can earn XP by catching fish and winning the Koth event. Leveling up the crew gives crew points which can be spent on four different upgrades.

Upgrades Description Levels
Crew XP Multi Multiplies crew XP. 1.0x-5.0x
Member Limit Increases crew member limit. 3-8
Nearby Bonus If 2 or more crew members are within 25 blocks, gain a XP multiplier and crew XP multiplier. 0.1x-0.55x
Island Radius Increases crew island radius. 25x25-245x245

A newly created crew begins with 3 members, has a Crew Island size of 25x25, a Crew XP multiplier of 1.0x, and a +0.1x multiplier for nearby XP and crew XP.

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