Fishing Menu

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The Fishing Menu is your guide to exploring Fish On. Within the book there are many different menus including /help and the settings GUI.

Image Name Notes
Stats Shows your /stats menu
Cosmetics Opens cosmetics GUI menu with tags, rod skins, minigame graphics, trails, and hats
Storage Shows GUI menu of 10 vaults but player is limited to an amount based on Rank. Use /pv # to also access
Compendiums Opens compendium menu where each Location can be opened for more detail
Recipes Shows PVP, Trap, and Armor recipes
Quest Opens the /quests menu.
Block Shop Shows the /shop menu to purchase blocks that are placeable on Crew Islands.
Rod Upgrades Opens the rod upgrade GUI.
Crate Opens the crates GUI.
Turbo Travel Shows the Turbo Travel menu. Can only be used by Captains and Admirals.
Help Opens the /help menu.
Settings Shows the settings menu. Currently can be used to disable sidebar GUI.
Crew Opens the /crew menu.
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