Halloween Event

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The Halloween event was the first event on FishOnMC. It was held at the farm pond from October 28th, 2023, 1 PM EST to November 3rd, 2023, 1 PM EST.

This event allowed players to catch a limited spooky fish variant at the farm pond. The original odds of the spooky variant were 1/150, with it being increased to 1/100 and then 1/50 later in the event. The odds were increasable through event boosters (2x) and spooky bait (1.25x),


Mission Amount XP
Catch any common fish 0/4000 0xp/500xp
Catch any rare fish 0/1500 0xp/500xp
catch any epic fish 0/1000 0xp/500xp
Complete spooky collection 0/9 0xp/2000xp
Catch spooky bluegill 0/50 0xp/750xp
Catch spooky crappie 0/25 0xp/625xp
Catch spooky LM bass over 5 Lbs 0/5 0xp/1000xp
Catch spooky flathead catfish 0/5 0xp/2000xp
Catch any spooky fish 0/∞ 0xp/∞xp

All missions besides common fish, rare fish, epic fish, and spooky collection gave a certain amount of xp for every fish caught. Later in the event, some mission requirements were decreased.


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