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List Of Pets

From Fish On Wiki

There are currently 38 pets in Fish On, each with different bonuses and caught in unique ways.

List of Pets
Image Name Wiki page
Bullfrog Bullfrog Pet
Stork Stork Pet
Moose Moose Pet
Butterfly Butterfly Pet
Boar Boar Pet
Koi Fish Koi Fish Pet
Toucan Toucan Pet
Deer Deer Pet
Pelican Pelican Pet
Wallaby Wallaby Pet
Bearded Dragon Bearded Dragon Pet
Mallard Mallard Pet
Manatee Manatee Pet
Grey Wolf Grey Wolf Pet
Monk Seal Monk Seal Pet
Heron Heron Pet
River Otter River Otter Pet
Raccoon Raccoon Pet
Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear Pet
Tree Snail Tree Snail Pet
Capybara Capybara Pet
Man o' War Man O War Pet
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Pet
Koala Koala Pet
Platypus Platypus Pet
Gator Gator Pet
Great White Shark Great White Shark Pet
Red Fox Red Fox Pet
Dolphin Dolphin Pet
Kangaroo Kangaroo Pet
Giant Salamander Giant Salamander Pet
Jaguar Jaguar Pet
Bessie Bessie Pet
Barbary Lion Barbary Lion Pet
Saltwater Crocodile Saltwater Crocodile Pet
Goldfish Goldfish Pet
Black Cat Black Cat Pet
Sogga Sogga Pet
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