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List Of Commands

From Fish On Wiki
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Fish On has numerous commands that can guide players throughout using the server.

General of Commands

/help: shows the help GUI menu

/spawn: teleports to spawn

/ah: shows the auction house GUI menu

/pv #: shows the storage GUI menu

/msg PlayerName Message: messages indicated player

/r Message: responds to player that last messaged you

/stats: shows stats menu

/stats PlayerName: shows stats menu of other player

/booster: shows the booster GUI menu

/active: lists any ongoing boosters

/credits pay Amount Player: Instantly pays other player with credits

/pay Player Amount: Instantly pays other player with money

/trade Player: Opens Trade GUI menu. Must be in close proximity.

/value: shows the value of your currently held fish

Crew commands(crew in commands can be replaced with 'c')

  • /crew: shows crew GUI menu
  • /crew chat: Activates crew chat instead of general chat. Must use command again before talking in general chat.
  • /crew home: teleports to crew Island
  • /crew go: shorthand teleports to crew Island
  • /crew sethome: Sets the home for the crew island to your current location
  • /crew visit Name: Visits other crew Islands. Must not be at own crew Island when used
  • /crew invite Player: Invite player to crew if a member slot is open
  • /crew accept: Joins crew if an invite is currently active
  • /crew restrict Player: Restricted members cannot interact with the crew Island
  • /crew promote Player: Must be crew captain to use. Promotes player to Lieutenant
  • /crew ban Player: Bans player from crew
  • /crew captain Player: Must be crew captain to use. Promotes player to captain and demotes current captain.
  • /crew create Name: Create crew with a name of five letters or less. It costs $15k to create a crew. Crew names cannot be changed after creation.
  • /crew disband: Must be crew captain to use. Fully disbands current crew. Crew must only have one member left. Island is gone after disbandment.
  • /crew demote: Must be crew captain to use. Demotes Lieutenant to member.
  • /crew Lock: Must be crew captain to use. Locks crew island from visitors

Ranked Commands (All ranks get previous ranks commands)

  • Angler Commands
    • /workbench: shows the crafting GUI menu
  • Sailor Commands
    • /blacksmith: shows the crafting GUI menu
    • /identifier: shows the identifier GUI menu
    • /scrapper: shows the scrapper GUI menu
    • /forge: shows the forger GUI menu
  • Mariner Commands
    • /tpa PlayerName: requests a teleport to another player
    • /sell: shows the Fish Merchant GUI menu
  • Captain Commands
    • None
  • Admiral Commands
    • /tpahere: requests another player to teleport to your location
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