Season 2

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Season 2 is the current season of Fish On. It began on January 13th, 2024, with an end date around Summer of 2024.

New Features

Season 2 launched with numerous new features.

New Fish Variants: Albino, Melanistic, Fabled Fish

Updated Voting Rewards: Implemented chance of receiving rare rewards on voting

Locations Reorganized: Some locations had their level requirements swapped

Runes Moved: Every rune was moved to a new spot to find

Updated Quests: Quests are now based on location.



Throughout the course of Season 2, there have been various updates and new features.

New Locations

New Pets

General Changes / Additions

  • Rig Shard & Rig Armor
  • Changes to Luck and Scale
  • Fixed "Unable to Verify Username" bug
  • Sea Turtle Pet: Walk speed reduced.
  • Scrapper is now functional.
  • Scrolls and PVP shards can now be caught at Oil Rig.
  • Over 60 new hats, including the option to dye some.

Wandering Merchant

  • Can now sell keys.
  • Shards reordered to the order of Locations.
  • Can no longer buy items if inventory is full.
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