Wandering Merchant

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The Wandering Merchant is an NPC that spawns randomly at Locations, selling various goods. He can sell Shards, Baits, Quality Scrolls, Fine Netting, Helicopter Tickets, Pet Candies, and Crate Keys.

A picture of the Wandering Merchant spawning.
Table detailing the spawn locations of the Wandering Merchant at each location.
Location # of Spawn Locations Coordinates Reference Image
Farm Pond 3 158,101,75
Kenai River 2 423,37,-490
Lake Biwa 3 1528,64,-768
Oil Rig N/A N/A N/A
Everglades 1 known -1736,-46,234
Key West 2 -397,-9,2288
Toledo Bend Reservoir 2 -3,11,1427
-112 6 1074
Great Lakes ? X,Y,Z jpg
Danube River ? X,Y,Z jpg
Amazon River ? X,Y,Z jpg
Mediterranean Sea ? X,Y,Z jpg
Cape Cod ? X,Y,Z jpg
Hawaii ? X,Y,Z jpg
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