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Pets are equipable items that grant various bonuses, called Pet Values, to players. There are six different rarities of pets, ranging from Common to Mythical, as well as Special.

Pets will follow the player when equipped.

While equipped, pets gain experience either upon catching a fish or using a Pet Candy.

An example of a Pet item (Mallard Pet)
The appearance of having a pet equipped and following you.


Pets will level up once enough experience is gained, with a maximum level of 100. The experience required for a level-up increases based on the pet's current level, and is different across the pet rarities.

Pet Value Rating

A pet's Pet Values are displayed as Current % / Maximum %, proportional to the current level out of 100. The maximum bonuses are randomly determined within a range. Pets have a rating assigned to them, called a Pet Value Rating, which is displayed in the item's lore. It is a representation of the quality of all of its Pet Values.

Pet Value Ratings by Pet Quality
Pet Value Rating Pet Quality
Perfect 100/100
Amazing 90+
Excellent 80+
Great 60+
Good 50+
Average 35+
Bad 20+
Very Bad 10+
Awful Under 10

Pet Rarities

A list of all pets, including their maximum bonuses and the locations where they are caught, can be viewed with the /pets command in-game.

Rarity Odds
Common 1/600
Rare 1/1,500
Epic 1/3,500
Legendary 1/11,000
Mythical 1/40,000
Special Pet Specific

Note: The Giant Salamander has a 1/250,000 chance of being caught despite being mythical as this can be done at ANY location.

Pets can also be acquired by opening Pet Boxes.

List of Pets

For a list of pets, please see List of Pets.

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