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Below is a list of frequently asked questions from players.

  • How do I fish?
    • To begin, right click to cast your rod into a body of water. After waiting for a short time, a fish will approach your bobber. When this occurs, the screen will display the text "Bite!" and you will hear a splashing sound. At this time, right click once to hook the fish. This will begin the fish catching minigame. To complete this minigame and catch the fish, the player must prevent the right edge of the blue bar from hitting either the left or right side of the minigame popup, while keeping the right edge of the blue bar within the yellow rectangle for a short amount of time. Above the blue bar, the green bar indicates how close the player is to catching the fish. The green bar increases rapidly when the right side edge of the blue bar is within the yellow rectangle. If the player manages to fully fill the green bar, they will catch the fish.
  • How/Where do I sell fish?
    • There is at least one Fish Merchant in each Location where fish can be sold. They look like a fish on two legs.
  • How do I make money fast?
    • Using /vote to gain keys and other rewards is a great way to get xp and money early on.
  • How do I craft armor? Where?
    • Chestplates, leggings, and boots are crafted with the same pattern as normal Minecraft Armor. The closest crafting tables are straight ahead of /spawn.
  • What is a Treasure Trove?
    • Treasure Troves are dropped directly into your inventory every five levels starting at Level 5. They provide xp, money, and keys.
  • Is there a way to mute chat?
    • Use '/hidechat on' to turn off player messages. Use '/hidechat off' to turn them back on.
  • What is a Pet and how do i equip them?
    • Pets Are equipable items that give you bonus stats and can be fished up or won out of pet boxes, and are equipable by simply right clicking.
  • How do i join a Crew?
    • You can join a crew from being invited from other players on the server and doing the /crew accept Command after being invited, alternatively you can create a crew for $15,000 by doing /crew create Name.
  • What is an Albino/Melanistic/Trophy fish?
    • These are rare variant fish that have low drop rates, when you catch one of these rare fish a Shard of the same variant name is placed into your inventory. These Shards are very desired and are used to craft rare Armor. The variant fish cannot be sold to a Fish Merchant .
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